The very first Star Park in Europe opens on the Amalfi Coast!


The Astronomical Observatory area of ​​the Costiera Amalfitana Riserva Biosfera Association (ACARBIO) and the Neil Armstrong Astronomical Center (CANA) has been recognized as first Star Park in Europe and fourth in the world.

The observatory is part of the „One Star at a Time” programme that aims to create public spaces with the ideal conditions to observe starry sky, real parks dedicated to the stars. 

Starlight Declaration – “Stelle in Piazza”

Tramonti – Borgo di Figlino

Amalfi Coast 2009



Nasce l’Osservatorio StarLight Reserve Costiera amalfitana. Centinaia di persone sotto le stelle

La Costiera amalfitana e le sue stelle, a Tramonti l’Osservatorio di Starlight Reserve Unesco

Tramonti, nel borgo da favola le Stelle in piazza con Starlight Unesco

Tramonti, “Diritto alle stelle” Unesco: la centenaria di Figlino passa il testimone ai giovani

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