Starting within the vision of having a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve for the Amalfi Coast, protecting strenghtening the local biodiversity is one of our main passions and objectives. The Amalfi Coast, and also Tramonti where our organisation is located, is a territory very rich of diverse species of plants and animals. We are working to give them a bigger space in the public awareness as well as include them in local, cultural and economic activities. Or, as we like to phrase it – reconnecting the people to nature.


A main example here is the “Re Fiascone” tomato, which is a local variety that was very famous at the end of the 19th century, but vanished slowly as industrialisation and globalisation started dominating agriculture in the last 50 years.


A database of all the species: Now, what is the “biodiversity” of the Amalfi Coast? One other project that we implement and manage is the website, a scheme of the local biodiversity, presenting species and varieties of plants and animals. If you are curious, have a look and discover some new co-living individuals.



To get to know more about the soils and terraces where Re Fiascone tomatoes are growing, we started a research project about the biodiversity of soil as indication for the quality of soil. In a soil of high quality represents a habitat for a rich variety of insects, which again vice versa keep the soil healthy, assurring air and oxigen, prevent the soil from densification and decompose nutrients. Thus, the presence of these insects represents an indication of the quality of soil.

Base on this principle, we measure the quality of soil by investigating the insects present in the fields. If you want to find out more information about the ongoing projects and the studies conducted, have a look here.