The Biosphere Reserves (459 Reserves in 97 countries, 8 of which are in Italy) are established by UNESCO within the MAB program (Man and Biosphere), a program created in 1968 for “sustainable development”.

The Reserves are defined as “areas of marine and / or terrestrial ecosystems that are internationally recognized within the UNESCO MAB program. The Biosphere Reserves are set up to promote and demonstrate a balanced relationship between humanity and the biosphere “.

The inspiring criteria of the Network are therefore of conservation of biological diversity and of the safeguarding of the cultural values associated with it.



The Reserves are privileged sites for research, training and environmental education, and, in the full involvement of local communities, the conservation and sustainable use of resources.

They also constitute demonstration sites and action poles within the framework of regional development and spatial planning policies; the World Network of Biosphere Reserves thus contributes to the implementation of the objectives set in the various International Biodiversity Conferences.

This is why we see a nomination so important. A nomination would mean to have committment from all local authorities and actors (public bodies, companies, farmers, citizens, associations, research institutions, and more). A nomination would mean to have a concrete action plan which is supported by the local actors. Thus, a nomination would also mean possibilities to have access to financing sustainable economic activities, such as slow tourism, local products and sustainable agriculture. This will empower the citizens, the farmers, the youth, and everyone who wants to actively share the areas future but misses opportunity to do so at the moment. We will talk about this as “sustainable development”.



The Associazione Costiera Amalfitana Riserva Biosfera was founded with the aim of bringing the Amalfi Coast to this important recognition, because it is a unique territory, and for this reason in 1997 it was recognized by UNESCO as “World Heritage”. The Amalfi Coast is determined by the terraced landscape, which was constructed step by step over the last 1000 years. However, the landscape reflects the life of the people, and since agriculture activities decreases, the terraces are becoming abandoned and collapse. Moreover, tourism activities increases and brings problems of mobility with it.

Yet, there can be a solution. Some people in the territory already live it, but we want many more to be able to protect their landscape and territory. We want to show with a number of case studies (e.g. our past and ongoing projects) how to promote sustainable development for the region, living economic activities in balance with the cultural landscape, biosphere and natural resources. This brings a high quality of life for the inhabitants and a healthy relation to the biosphere systems.

Its landscape, its history, its countless traditions, its varied culture, constantly need to be protected and protected for their uniqueness and fragility.

Seeing the Amalfi Coast included in the “biosphere reserve” network will mean that every objective will be aimed towards a sustainable biodiversity conservation budget, promoting ideas in a harmonious way with the territory and encouraging an exchange of experiences and information.

The non-profit project aims to contribute to widespread economic development.

And with the help of studies and monitoring, maintain and make productive activities which at the moment find themselves in a severe crisis, such as agriculture and craft, art, handiwork, and more.

Have a look at our projects to see what kind of activities we want to promote and how we show that it is possible to empower the region. Go to the section “support” to find out how to support us.

Have another look also at our video to promote the candidature of the Amalfi Coast as MAB: