The TEAM ESC project “Make it Blue” is back this summer!

There will be three flows:

I flow 14th June – 29th July (ongoing)

II flow 30th July – 21 August (read below for more information)

III flow 23 August – 23 September (read below for more information)


About the first flow

From 14th June to 29th July participants from Serbia, Sweden, Norway, Czech Republic, Italy, Portugal, Turkey, Spain, France, Germany will stay in Maiori, Amalfi Coast to:

-Learn about sea pollution and environmental protection through hands-on beach clean-up activities;
-Learn about local cultural heritage and support the local community to spread the knowledge to visitors and young people;
-Enhance teamwork, leadership, and communication skills by collaborating on local activities;
-Experience community living and sharing by following sustainable practices (reduction of waste, responsible consumption, recycling);
-Experience cultural exchange and broaden perspectives by working with volunteers from different backgrounds.

In particular participants will contribute to the:
– promotion of cultural heritage in the local museum of Maiori with its beautiful frescos and the city garden;
renovation of an abandoned community space in an old building;
– beach cleaning to raise awareness on the sea pollution;
– monitoring and activities on sea turtles
environmental education and awareness raising activities;
– promoting solidarity and intercultural exchange;
– lead of a cultural city tour;
– other community activities to support the Municipality of Maiori.

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Links to apply here below:

II FLOW (from 30th July to 21st August)

III FLOW (from 23rd August to 23rd September)

or contact us at with your CV and motivational letter.