In April ten years ago our association was born. And so much has been done since. Many small “milestones” have been put one after the other. Sometimes we managed with a lot of success, at other times it could go better, but we were never giving up.

And so today we can talk about 10 years of projects on the territory – about the environment and the preservation and enhancement of local productions, about the protection of the sea and the mountains, about relations with international partners and the local community.

Many people passed and met here, were welcomed at our headquarters in Tramonti, which became a source and basin of ideas. Many people have found inspiration here for their future.

10 years have passed. Many think that is already a long time, but for us it is only the beginning …

We would like to pay a special thank-you to all of the incredible people who have been with us over the years. Without them it would not have been possible.

Here are some photos shared with us to celebrate the ocassion.

From interns during the year 2016

From interns during the year 2017

From interns during the year 2018

Now we have some well-wishes from our recent projects.

Participants from the project “Make it Local”

From our project “BREADucation”

And from the work-away volunteers that have joined us over the years.

Grazie Mille for your contributions to our association over the years, it wouldn’t have been the same without you.

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