ACARBIO on the tv-show GEO: restance and the “other side” of the Amalf Coast

On 28 September 2023, the journalist Maria Rosaria Sannino, one of the founding members of the Acarbio association, was in Rai3 television studios together with Sveva Sagramola, host at the show “GEO” to talk about the “restance” and an Amalfi Coast made not only of tourism, but also of resilience choices against the abandonment of the terraces. Antonio Di Martino, coordinator of the association, also contributed live together with international and local volunteers. We reported live on a national level the issues that have seen us involved in the area since 2009: protection of the terraced landscape, rural biodiversity, recovery of abandoned spaces, and young people who come to Tramonti from all over Europe, even for a year of volunteering, in a land where even today many young people with a qualification decide to emigrate. And then the youth projects in collaboration with the Agenzia Nazionale per la Gioventù (National Agency) for the Erasmus+ program and the European Solidarity Corps. The show broadcast (which reached a very wide national audiance) is significantly helping to raise awareness of a local association that looks at the territory by expanding the network with various partners (Greece, Spain, Germany, France) also with the format of “The Greeners” (groups of young people who are committed to environmental issues), and in Eastern Europe, but also with many local associations, gathered in partnership. With small and large actions, we are trying to stem a phenomenon which, reading various data such as emigration and birth rates, may seem unstoppable: that of the abandonment of rural areas. But perhaps nothing is lost yet.