Il Sentiero di Eleonora D’Aragona

A Tramonti, la frazione Corsano, il cimitero e la frazione Capitignano sono collegati da un antico sentiero: Il “Sentiero di Eleonora di Aragona”.

Il sentiero adesso fa parte del sentiero da Trekking “Le 13 chiese”, il quale è uno dei sentieri riscoperti a Tramonti ed è uno dei sentieri più popolari (contatta facebook@giovanipertramonti). Purtroppo negli ultimi decenni molti sentieri escursionistici sono stati dimenticati. Per noi, questo è un impatto improtante del progetto RESCUE – riportare alla bellezza di Tramonti.


What is nowadays the cemetery of the town has not always been. It used to be a Castle of Medieval Age, lying on a central position on a hill in the middle of Tramonti, from where the view extends over most part of the territory and is limited only by the Sea in the South and by the mountain chain of the Monti Latteri in the East, West and North. Tramonti is a city rich in its food history.

From chestnut honey to mozzarella, through ReFiascone tomatoes and especially its own school of Pizza, the village offers you a breath of fresh air by its authenticity. This is why the perfect Tramonti experience means a hike followed by a good and shared meal.

To RESCUE this pathway, we cleaned it from trash, we published a research about its history, we created signs along the pathway, we registered the track remotely and we inserted it in a local popular hiking trail. All this was done together with the members of Acarbio, volunteers, and a local hiking association “Tramonti Amalfi Coast Trekking” facebook@giovanipertramonti.

In February 2022, we discussed with young people from the area: What identifies Tramonti for you? Find here a report and the method: post on facebook@rescue

Two excursions were organized in July 2022, a visit to the site was organized with 15 international volunteers. The pathway was covered with grass and trash and together we decided to make it walkable again. Together, we started with cleaning the surrounding area. Then with a fresh lemonade discussed the curiosity of the day: How did the Castle of Eleonora D’Aragona become the cemetery? We did also discuss the general importance of public spaces and the particular importance of the pathways and terraced landscape for people of Tramonti.







To present this new pathway, we organized an event with members of the municipality, other local oraganisations, Tramonti Amalfi Coast Trekking, a local historian, and locals.

Thanks to the huge team and support we received we managed to RESCUE the pathway of Eleonora di Aragona.

Find the whole pathway on wikiloc:


Authors: Laura Clement, Cornelia Kramsall