Ancient buildings on the Amalfi Coast



here we present some of our activities around the ancient infrastructure of the Amalfi Coast. This concerns the restructuring and regaining ancient buildings in the Amalfi Coast, the presentation of ancient towers, clean up activities with volunteers, maintainance and reusing of ancient cisterns, and small works of re-constructuring and fixing.

We are very passionate about the heritage of this region, and this also means the maintainance of old infrastructure. Now this sometimes happens in a difficult situation, since especially the terraces of the Amalfi Coast require high maintainance work. However, this infrastructure has a lot to offer! If you want to see how we work in this field, have a look at the videos below and see for yourself!

-) Re-taking the abbandoned church-tower in Minori together with volunteers

We dedicated in the summer of 2018 a day to the cleaning and re-taking of an abandoned church tower “Campanile dell’Annunzuata” in Minori on the Amalfi Coast. The whole Coast is rich of ancient infra-structure (monasteries, churches, defence towers, castles, etc.) and some of it is not in use anymore. However, since we are passionate about this heritage, we regularly do activities to re-take it into use or draw attention to these buildings. Enjoy!

-) Ancient cisterns (19.century) rennovated for agricutural purposes

This video tells the story of the main rennovation work of an old cistern – closing wholes, re-newing the the paint on the walls inside, and finding a new use. It was done for the cultivation of the tomato “Re Fiascone”, which is a local biodiversity type and grows on the terraces of the Amalfi Coast to protect them from abbadonment (see here for more information on the Re Fiascone project).

1. By our cooperation partner Gianmarco Amato in Tramonti – The video is in Italian, but you can see all the steps of re-taking!

2. By the association ACARBIO in Tramonti together with our local partners:

-) The tower of Chiunzi, Amalfi Coast

Enjoy the nice images and impressions of a medieval tower (from 1453) in Tramonti, the mountainous region of the Amalfi Coast!

-) Constructing the past and the future – let’s build ECO!

A waste that is hardly ever talked about – the waste from construction and buildings at the end of their use. Highly problematic (not recycable), but issues unsolved. Where to put all that styrofoam after usage, that is after renovation of the building?

One of the solutions are eco-buildings – buildings with ecological sustainable methods and materials. One of the many advantages – no problems of waste afterwards!

Have a look at this video to find out more about it.

-) The cemitary of Tramonti, built on the old castle on the mountain in the middle of the valley.

The title and the video already say it all. The cemitary of Tramonti on the Amalfi Coast was built in a small hill in the middle of the valley, where the ancient Castle was. It now has the best view over Tramonti and the sea. Enjoy these impressions!

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