CLIC Startup Competition

What was the CLIC Startup Competition?

The CLIC Startup Competition was an opportunity for early-stage startups, informal teams and talented innovators to find some supports, to create network with other similar groups and to learn about business models. The main aim of this competition is to support the development of sustainable business ideas and cultural heritage.

The competition was organised between September and November 2020 and it had 73 applicants all over the world.  ACARBIO participated with “Taste of Terraces” project.

“Taste of Terraces”

The “Taste of Terraces” was selected in the top 25 projects, giving the opportunity to participate in online voting.

Promotion and online vote

We, the ACARBIO team, worked to promote the project. We made photos, videos, we created social media posts and memes, we called our friends and family and explained why is important this project and this competition. It required a group effort!

We made it to the final event!

After the online voting, thanks to the amazing support we received from our network, we were in the top 15 projects, meaning we took part in a three-day online event and capacity building programme from 25-27 November. An online event for every project was presented in 4 minutes. The representative of “Taste of Terraces” was Cornelia, who did a concise presentation about the previous steps and the ideas for next steps.


And the winner is …

We did achieve special mentions for our project and we achieved an award for being the most voted project! While we did not win the first prize, with 477 votes during the voting phase, we were the team who could convince the audience the most! We say this with overwhelming thanks to our amazing network of supporters.

Last but not least, the Taste of Terraces was the most voted startup, and also won a communication and marketing services prize by the Institute for Research on Innovation and Services for Development, CNR IRISS National Research Council of Italy, a C-SHIP programme at ICHES by ICHEC Brussels Management School and an ENEA support by ENEA EEN/BridgEconomies.

Now, what is coming next?

We will keep up the work, and use our awards to reach the next phase and launch of the project!