Green up your future (ESC)

Green up your future” was a long term ESC (European Solidarity Corps) volunteering experience between March 2019 and March 2020 in Tramonti on the Amalfi Coast to promote sustainable development, sustainability actions and international solidarity. The participants of the project were 2 volunteers between 18-30 years old, 1 from the UK (supporting partner organisation: IVS GB) and 1 from Austria (supporting partner organisation: SCI Austria), and they undertook the journey to become sustainability promoters.

The objecitves of the project were to raise English communication level of local youngsters and adults, and raise their European and international awareness and promote solidarity; to raise environmental awareness among the local people and promote the idea of sustainable development; and to protect the biodiversity heritage of the region and preservation of the terraces which are very characteristic to the landscape of the region.

The activities of the project were non formal workshops with the local school (EN language, environmental protection and sustainable life style), online communication activities about sustainable life style, the support of local farmers in the project of “Re Fiascone”, and the contribution to international youth projects (such as, Erasmus+ projects).

Volunteers, who participated in this project, developed their language skills, soft competences, learn more about implementation and coordination of projects and a deeper understanding of the objectives of sustainable development and concept of biodiversity. Local youth and adults benefited from new skills, better knowledge of English and intercultural experience, and an understanding of the importance to protect and promote the cultural heritage will be promoted within the community of the Amalfi Coast. In this ESC project, an relevant pillar is also represented by the intercultural exchange experience for the participants and the partner organisations.

Since 2009, ACARBIO is promoting sustainable development and solidarity in the region of the Amalfi Coast by implementing different project for local community, local students but also youth exchanges, training courses, workshops and volunteering workcamps. The driving principles behind our activities is that knowledge about ecological agriculture, local products and traditions, energy saving and waste reduction methods, as well as introducing young people of the region to the ideas of interculturalism play a major role in building more inclusive and tolerant society, aware of the fact that we need to meet the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.



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