How to RESCUE – the interactive book of RESCUE

RESCUE was a 2-year youth project involving 4 European partners from France, Romania, Italy, and Greece. It aimed to reclaim abandoned public areas by involving local actors to take ownership of the area and create social links through innovative methods of non-formal education and citizen participation. By giving a second life to these abandoned spaces through economic and/or cultural activities, the territory has been be upgraded by directly involving the local population.

As part of this project, ACARBIO has RESCUEed an abandoned shelter in the forest of the mountain chain Monti Lattari. We saved the shelter from further deterioration and turned it into a resting place and centre for educational activities. Today we use it to explore the flora and fauna of the area and learn how to be respectful hikers with young people from Tramonti, the metropolitan area and international volunteers. 

The project’s results have been put together on, in an interactive e-learning platform accessible to anyone. Create an account for free and learn more more about RESCUE and its different projects.

All e-learning materials and resources on the website are available in English, Italian, Hungarian, French, and Greek. You can download research reports, the RESCUE guides and the RESCUE magazines. The RESOURCE BOOK of RESCUE is an interactive book which takes you through the different projects of each country, events, tools, and social businesses to create change. There is also an interactive GIS map showing the location of each RESCUEed space with photos and descriptions.

Interactive learning material

Moreover, there are interactive video tutorials showing the projects and the work of each partner organization. Currently, there are also three training courses which you can access and attend:

  • Identification of abandoned spaces
  • Involving the Community in renewing spaces
  • Organizing events in abandoned and rehabilitated spaces

This interactive e-learning platform is not only trying to summarize the results of the project but also aims to offer resources and tools for those who want to get involved in rescuing and restoring abandoned spaces in their own communities. These e-learning resources can be used by youth workers, teachers and anyone who is involved in community work. Sounds like something you’re interested in? Then click here to find out more.