Med Food Lab (2021)

Med Food Lab was an Erasmus+ Youth Exchange in Tramonti (SA), Italy from July, 2nd – July, 12th, 2021 that aimed to explore the topics of the Mediterranean diet, nutrition, the impact of our lifestyles on the environmental and the sustainability of local products, following the principles of the Mediterranean diet, considered Intangible Cultural Heritage of the UNESCO. It is a link between the countries involved in this project. Therefore, this youth exchange will have participants coming from Greece, Spain, Portugal, France, Croatia and Italy, cultures full of old traditional recipes and that promotes a more sustainable way of producing, preparing and consuming food.


The Recipe book Med Food Lab 2021:

The videos of the project:

Final summary video

Interview @ IC TRAMONTI Web Radio



Grande successo di “Med Food Lab 2021” a Tramonti in Costiera amalfitana