Rete verde is born as a platform to promote volunteering projects, engage the youth, raise environmental awareness and share local and international news.  Created at the end of 2017, by international volunteers and Erasmus students who have worked at ACARBIO, it became an useful way to share their experiences and put on the table different environmental issues affecting the region, such as the wild fires in the Amalfi Coast, or international topics, like the pollution in the oceans.

This platform is also where some participants of the Erasmus+ projects and youth-exchange programs can develop their radio skills, and become presenters of a 5 to 10 minute podcast, expressing in detail the daily activities of the group and their thoughts on the development of the project. In the different episodes of the podcast, special content is developed, enhancing creativity and new ways to use the voice. We regularly present interviews about projects and events, presentation of members of ACARBIO and reports about environmental topics. Some of the episodes already on air are:

Recently, social media has become more and more relevant, mainly transmitting content through pictures and text, however, with Rete Verde we hope that listeners can create a picture in their mind only with the sound of the presenter’s voice.

To listen to all of the episodes of Rete Verde we invite you to visit the following website: https://www.podomatic.com/podcasts/reteverde or click on the banner on the right site of this page.